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If Bear Lake Feels Right, Let’s Talk About How

At Bear Lake Reserve, we’re available to guide you on your own discovery experience of our community.
If you are feeling like we might be the right fit for you and your family, here are some options to take the next steps.

Join our Pioneers List

If you’re still early in the process, you can start by subscribing to our Pioneers List and we’ll keep you up-to-date on events, launches, offerings, and more which may be of interest to you.


Contact our Sales Team

Our team at Bear Lake Reserve can answer your questions and provide guidance as you evaluate different options. Call us at 888-535-2790, text our lead salesperson Joey Laughridge at 828-674-3775, or send us an email!



Whether you’d like to schedule a guided tour, an overnight hosted Discovery Visit, or a vacation so you can experience the community on your own, our team is available to assist in making arrangements.

You may send us an email at or call us at 888-535-2790 to arrange a tour or Discovery Visit; to arrange a vacation, you can view our full portfolio of homes at the link below.


Discovery Visit Information

The Discovery Visit provides the opportunity to view the community through the eyes of a homeowner. You stay in a home on-site, meet existing owners, participate in Member events, and have plenty of time to explore the amenities and the home and homesite options.

To qualify for the Discovery Visit, you must contact our Real Estate Sales Team in advance of your desired stay at 888-535-2790. If married, both spouses must be in attendance.