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Winter Activities

Discover a winter wonderland at Bear Lake Reserve, where there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains while engaging in a variety of activities tailored to your preferences. To make the most of your winter experience, simply request activities by emailing

Choose from a selection of fun-filled experiences, including Guided Hikes through picturesque trails, Campfire & S’mores sessions to warm up your evenings, Kids’ Fishing for family-friendly outdoor fun, and the thrill of a Wii Sports game in our the theater. You can even enjoy a movie of your choice in our theater for a more relaxed indoor experience, but don’t forget to head to the Bear N’ Bean for some snacks!

For those seeking a touch of adventure on the water, our Marina is accepting reservation requests for winter lake excursions. From November 28 to March 28, the Marina operates by reservation only, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience. Cruise through the crisp winter air on one of our boats, paddle across the tranquil waters in a kayak, or explore further options for a memorable winter lake experience.

Local Things to Do

Explore the enchanting surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains with an array of local adventures waiting to be discovered during the winter season. Delve into the heart of the community and check out some of our recommendations for an authentic and unforgettable adventure.