Bear Lake Reserve is a community nestled deep in the heart of Mother Nature that offers the very best of mountain-lake living. Located near Asheville, North Carolina, the property is a premier village where people come to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the world. Our story is all about family, mountains, lakes and simple village living.

A firepit from above. A man and a woman are relaxing beside the fire.


Bear Lake Reserve boasts a rugged connection to the wilderness perfectly blended with the refined luxury offered by the mountain-lake village lifestyle. With stunning mountain views and pristine waters, our secluded community is a hidden gem of western North Carolina. Our numerous amenities allow you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you want to do in a day.


Shook Cove Road is named after the Shook family, who lived on the shore of what is now Bear Creek Lake. The family created pewterware, commonly used in the Appalachian area, and shared their knowledge of the craft with others. The area where the Greeter’s Cottage is located is named Shook Cove; the cove extends from Bear Creek Lake up to Big Ridge Mountain. This was the former home of the Goldens, who grew crops and raised livestock on this land.

A sunset over the mountains.

“It’s like we have a meaningful relationship with the landscape. You’re basically living with nature … it’s wildlife living, on a mountain, at a lake’s edge. It’s incredible here.”

– John Smith, Homeowner
Denver, Colorado


A woman kayaking near the base of a wooded mountain.


When you turn on to Shook Cove Road, you’re hooked. Follow the road through lush forest, green meadows, and rolling hills as you climb up the mountain to reach your home-away-from home. With space to roam across the hilly ridges, make new friends at one of our fantastic holiday celebrations, at Bear Lake Reserve you have the freedom to relax amid the great outdoors and make some happy memories. 

…OR stay for A LIFETIME

The countless amenities offered at Bear Lake Reserve allow you the opportunity to do as much or as little as you want to do in a day. Whether it is your desire to build the home of your dreams or you prefer the convenience of a turn-key purchase, our 2,100 acre resort community offers the kind of rustic elegance you’ll want to get used to.

The Boat House, a rustic log cabin on a lake.

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