Finding Focus on the Course

by | Jul 14, 2021 | golf, Uncategorized

 Find Your Focus 

You may think the golf game is played on the golf course, but it’s actually played in the six inches between your ears! Yes, talent and skill are required to be successful, but having a strong mental game is what can really take you to the next level.  

There are many aspects to the psychology of playing golf, but a common trouble many golfers face is focusing on the outcome and outside factors, rather than staying in the moment. For example, let’s say you are standing over a shot and have to carry some water. You forget your swing thought because the only thing occupying your mind is the water. Or another example, you’ve played well the entire round and get down to the last three holes. You start thinking how if you can only par the last few holes you’ll shoot your career low. All of a sudden you get tight and start hitting errant shots, not making par on any of the final holes!  

You must stay in your process to stop focusing on the outcome. You must concentrate all of your thoughts on one positive thing. This thing can be whatever you choose as long as it keeps you focused, your muscles loose, and your mind positive. You can repeat a swing thought in your head, you can focus on taking deep breaths, or you can envision your shot flying over the water and landing right next to the pin. Find what works for you and try to do this during every shot, not just the ones where you feel nervous.  

This Tip was written by Bear Lake Reserve Golf Pro, Courtney Gunter. For private golf lessons reach out to

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