Secret Season

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Leaf season is one of the most popular times to visit the Western NC mountains, and for good reason. The combination of colors and views is breathtaking! However, there’s another season fewer people know about that has plenty of perks: Secret Season. The term “Secret Season” refers to the winter to early-spring months after the leaves have fallen, but before spring flowers start to blossom. While the thought of mountain views without luscious greens or the warm colors of fall might sound less appealing at first, here are a few hidden benefits to visiting the mountains and Bear Lake Reserve at their quietest time of year.

Peace and Quiet

People love escaping into the mountains for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of cities. However, the popularity of mountain vacations, especially during the fall, can bring a wave of other vacationers looking to enjoy the same views as you. This might be nice if you want to make friends, but not if you want unobstructed views and as much personal space as possible. By visiting Bear Lake Reserve during Secret Season, it will almost feel like you have the whole mountain to yourself! Enjoy unobstructed views, uninterrupted hiking trails, and the shortest wait times for our most premium amenities, such as the Chef’s Reserve at Lakeside 54.

See the Mountains in a New way

Visiting Bear Lake Reserve during Secret Season gives you a chance to see the North Carolina mountains in their rarest, yet most majestic form: covered in snow. Jackson County tends to get significant snowfall once or twice a year, turning the area into a real-life winter wonderland accented by snow-covered mountains and frost-covered trees. It’s the perfect time to get unique photos, find frozen waterfalls, and partake in winter activities like sledding and making snowmen. If you find a pond frozen enough for pond hockey, let me know!


Perhaps the best part about Secret Season is that you’ll find lodging prices at their yearly lowest. According to our Lodging Specialist Makenzie, booking rates at Bear Lake reserve can be as much as 20% lower during Secret Season compared to peak seasons in the summer and fall. Combine these savings with the numerous unique reasons to visit the mountains during Secret Season and you’re sure to have a value-packed vacation!

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